3OWL Web Hosting Review

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3OWL.com provides a customized kind of web hosting service but it is absolutely free, although there are some premium plans but you might not need them. 3OWL’s specialty is unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth transfer. My whole experience with this host was not very great; however, I want to mention a few nice things.

Control Panel

The control panel that 3OWL provides is a little tricky to understand, it took me a while to get the things going. As soon as you create your account you have to choose a subdomain name (you get various options to choose from there), you can also add a top level domain if you have purchased it. Once you have created a sub-domain or added a top-level domain, the next thing is setup your website.

For the purpose of designing your website you get many options. You can install a CMS of your choice from the auto installer or alternatively you can download templates in html from the control panel and then upload it to your web disk using file manager or FTP. It would have been a little easier if 3OWL have provided a direct install option.

Server Quality

I am not going to lie here; the server response was not of top quality. While doing background research I found many customers who were not happy with the response time of 3OWL host and I also faced the same issue.

In fact, when I first setup my first sub-domain website, it took a very long time for it to go live.

Web Disk and Bandwidth Transfer

You really get unlimited web disk and bandwidth transfer as promised. So creating any type of website will not be a problem unless you don’t understand the control panel.

Domains and FTP Accounts

Domains are not an issue with 3OWL’s free web hosting; you can host as many domains as you want. As I mentioned earlier you can either host a top-level domain or you can simple create a sub-domain at the available top-level domains names.

On the other hand you get upto 6 FTP accounts and these can be very useful. At many stages you will have to use FTP to upload files to your server and at those times these accounts can be very helpful.

Customer Service

Customer service plays very important role in the case of web hosting, there come many times when server is not working very well. And at these times you would really want a support from your host.

3OWL provides quality support to its free web hosting customers and you can seek their help on any issue.

Other Features

3OWL is very good at giving addon features to its users. There is a tool for every single task that webmasters generally do while managing their websites.

If you want to design a logo for your website there is even an app for that in the control panel. You can use it to get logo ideas and have a nice looking logo for your business.

Another addon is phpMyAdmin, it is very powerful tool for handling databases. It proves to be very useful while managing records in your website’s database.

There are many other awesome addons available in the control panel that I can’t describe here.

Overall, 3OWL provides quality free web hosting service. The only thing I am concerned of is the server response time. If that can be fixed, then it can give a tough competition even to many paid web hosting providers.

3OWL Web Hosting Review
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