3 Tools to optimise your websites performance

This is no myth, I am telling you, website performance really does matter in your SEO statistics. It works simultaneously in improving your SEO. The website performance and web page loading speed are one of the crucial factors one must monitor in order to improve SEO of the very site. A sufficient web loading speed is good for both the search engine and the viewers. Slow website loading is the indication of poor web content quality, malfunctioning, etc. Of course, no visitor would like to linger on a site that consumes more time than other sites. So, search engine algorithm is built to give priority to the sites that load faster. Thus, it reflects on your website SEO directly.

The speed of one site is measured and considered show or fast compared to other websites. There are various tools or extensions available out there to check your website speed and its state. If you find that your website is not leading fast enough, you can improve the speed using some of the efficient tools. I am here to share the best Tools to know your website performance and improve it as well.

3 Tools to know your website performance and improve it

1: GTMetrix

While pro blogger may suggest you to use Google Analytics in order to analyze your site performance, figure out the issues, and improving the overall state, choosing GTMetrix is the best thing especially for the novice bloggers. If you are new in the field and the limited budget is pulling you back from using high-level premium site improving tools like Google Analytics, GTMetrix could watch your back. GTMetrix is a free tool that precisely analyzes your website through running multiple pages and provides your site speed score based on Google’s YSlow and PageSpeed.

GtMetrix Performance testing tool

Once the tool runs your site data and shows up with a result, you can see the page loading time, page size, and more factors. It does not only show you the page loading speed and overall site performance but also points out where the issue is residing so that you can take your further step to fixing it. GTMetrix will give you all the in-depth details about the triggered site problem thus you can take a quick step to resolve it.

2: Pingdom

Staying in real-time updated with your website performance is mandatory in order to know if any issue occurs before your visitors. The earlier you can figure out any issue, faster you can resolve the issue. Thus, your visitors won’t be frustrated with your website performance. Lesser the duration site problem stays, higher the chances of improving SEO. That’s why you will need a website monitoring tool like Pingdom. It does not only monitor your website performance but pinpoint of site problems faster and notify you to take action.

Pingdom Performance testing tool

This is not totally a free giveaway but comes with  14-days trial session. So, giving it a try cost you nothing at all. IT Giants across the globe like Apple, Pinterest, HP, Amazon, Google, and Dell are using the tool to monitor their official websites, why would not you? You can stay updated with your website current state, loading speed, downtime, and the necessity to keep your site running smoothly.

3: Google Insight

You must not forget that a vast amount of visitors to your website comes from mobile devices. That’s why, in the current SEO strategy, making our website mobile responsive has become a vital thing. Your website might be well-optimized for a desktop screen but optimization for a mobile screen is not the same thing. A web page should lead and fit perfectly in all kind of devices in order to improve in rankings. That’s where Google’s PageSpeed tool comes to play.

Google Insight Performance testing tool

Google Insight is a free giveaway from Google that has all the potential to analyze your website overall speed, certain page speed, and generate the possible fixations to any sort of issue. All you have to do to use the tool is simply copy and paste your website URL link in the PageSpeed UI and then hit the “Analyze” button.

The result will be shown in two sections separately. One is for mobile SEO and another is for Desktop. The website current state in referred in simple words and measurement. It gives your site score up to 100. It also shows you the points where optimizations are required and shows you how to do that as well.


So, if you ever wondered whether your site loading speed and performance have anything to do with SEO, mark my word, it does. Keep your eye on the overall performance of your site, find out the issues, and resolve the issue before it flushes all your hard work out. After all, monitoring and optimizing your website does not take much of effort. Simply rely on these Tools to know your website performance and improve it seamlessly.

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