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About GoogieHost International

GoogieHost is a free web hosting company based in Lucknow, India, with the headquarters is in Lucknow. The company founded in 2012 by Indian Blogger Rajesh Chauhan to solve the essential problem that every Indian had in those days. The original idea was to offer paid web hosting at a lower cost of $1 per month that anyone can afford to start the web journey. It was an unbeatable price because many reputed companies usually charged $10 per month back in 2012.

  • How GoogieHost Started?

    In the early 2010’s, Rajesh Chauhan wanted to start his online journey and make a name for himself, but the cost of a domain and web hosting were skyrocketed, and an ordinary man could not afford it.
    But, Rajesh Chauhan took the challenge, and he decided to make the web hosting & new domain registration affordable for an average person. In the summer of 2012, Rajesh founded GoogieHost that offers 10GB storage with 100GB Bandwidth web hosting for just $1 per month.

    “GoogieHost was founded on beliefs.”
    Rajesh Chauhan - Founder

  • Quality is Worth Sacrificing the Profits

    The GooigeHost ran into many problems with the domain issues with search engine giant Google because GoogieHost sounds like Google hosting, but Google decided to let the web hosting company continue.
    The GoogieHost had a decent amount of paid users on the platform, but the Blogger Rajesh Chauhan decided to make it a free web hosting platform. The company became a non-profit organisation ever since, and they don’t sell advertisements, they don’t sell your information, and they don’t force you to upgrade to premium.

Free Service List

Allow us to list down the free services GoogieHost is offering right now.

  • Servers

    Blazing Servers

    The company is no stranger to the competition, and they plan to offer the best free services in the industry. The GoogieHost has servers in UK, USA, and New Zealand, and the servers rating is 99/100. The servers manufactured by the Dell, IBM, and some of them have assembled using premium hardware like Samsung SSD Storage, Intel high-end processor, Hynix or Corsair DDR4 RAM, and high-end Gigabyte motherboard.

  • Customers

    We Love our customers

    - We don’t sell you advertisements in the control panel or the websites you host on the platform.
    - We don’t force you to upgrade to premium hosting, and we have removed paid hosting. And, we recommended InterServer premium hosting, in case, if you need it, and we don’t own InterServer.
    - We don’t sell your personal information like Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, and more. Zero risks, 100% free, and secure.

  • Uptime Guarantee

    99.95% Uptime Guarantee

    We don’t make false promises. Yes, GoogieHost servers uptime is 99.95%, and you may experience downtime once in a week for 10 minutes, and it won’t be more than 10 minutes a week.

  • Control Panel

    Home Made Control Panel

    Yes, we have hired professional designers to develop a custom control panel, and we also offer an alternative control panel. On the request of our existing users, we have added cPanel to our control panel so that you can manage your website on GoogieHost using the latest edition of the cPanel control panel for free of cost.


Fast forward to 2021

  • GoogieHost started in 2016 to offer premium website hosting services for $2.49 per month, and it is the lowest premium (100% quality) web hosting service in India today. As of today, GoogieHost has 100,000 active users on the platform.

    “cPanel is a paid tool – But, we offer it for free of cost.”

  • * Free SSL certificate.
    * Free on-page SEO.
    * 10GB SSD Storage space.>
    * 100GB Bandwidth.
    * 24/7 customer support in English language and native Indian     language Hindi.