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Zoho services not working due to Chennai Flood

zoho not working properly

Modern world is based on connected technology and most of the internet stuff that we use in our everyday lives are tied up in a really strong chain. However, sometimes an unfortunate disaster breaks this chain and affects millions of people around the world. This is what has happened in the last few days and due to which zoho services goes down.

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Zoho services affected

Zoho Corporation is one of the famously known technology based companies that provides a number of online services. Its third party email service is used by a large group of people. Those who do not know, this firm has an office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. This office not only provides technical support to the customers but is also important in terms of research and development. I am telling all this because if you happen to use Zoho’s mail services and are not able to receive messages from the last couple of days then the recent disaster that hit Chennai might be the real evil.

From the last couple of days, Incessant rain has made the lives of people similar to hell in Chennai. The resulting flood has increased the water level to a really great level.

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However, one thing to notice here is that the Chennai flood is not the main cause of problem that various services offered by Zoho are facing. The company has published a public clarification on its website claiming the real problem was caused by a bug that showed at the same time as the disaster. But Zoho is not able to solve this problem because its Chennai office has failed. The members of R & D team and technical support team have all been affected by the flood. The company has also said that it has six copies of customer data stored across data centers around the world.

Zoho has apologized to its customers because of the delay in the resolution. It is working its best to solve the problem. As for the Chennai office, it may take up to a few weeks for basic services like electricity and internet to be up and running.

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