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Yesterday we received a ticket from one of our client with this issue-

Please note that I haven’t updated my name servers yet. Before updating it I would like to know few things.
Is there any option on googiehost to redirect naked URL to the WWW version i.e., I want to shift all the traffic that come to mydomain .com to www.mydomain .com.
Currently, I am using Blogger but I want I want to setup WordPress and the uptime by Googiehost is good.
Also, I am using www.mydomain .com in my Blogger blog and therefore I want to redirect all the traffic to my domain with www. If it is possible than please reply ASAP so that I can update my name servers.

First of all that you for giving us chance to help you out with this issue, if am not wrong you are new with WordPress because it has a simple setting option to fix this issue.

How to Redirect Non-www blog to www?

First of all you need to login into your admin panel of your blog and follow these steps.

1. Goto and click Settings option

2. Select General

3. As you can see in WordPress Address (url) your default domain name is without www

4. Now add www in WordPress Address (url) and Site Address (URL)

5. Save the settings and enjoy

Note: If you have any other query regarding same issue feel free to comment bellow.

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