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Why a newbie should use Free Hosting instead of Blogger?

Free Hosting instead of Blogger

If you are a newbie and want to create a website for free you have several options like Blogger, WordPress Blog, or a free self-hosted website. But choosing one from these options is a very hard task. Most of the people think it will be better to choose Blogger because it is famous and offered by Google. Well, they are wrong, it is not how it looks like. You might think a WordPress hosted site as the second option but it is also no different from Blogger. The only option that you are left with is a free hosting to create a standalone website.Today, I will tell you how a free hosting can be more beneficial for you than Blogger or a WordPress hosted website.

You Get Real Disk

When you get a host, you also get some space on the web disk. This web disk is like the disk on your computer. You can edit, delete or add files on it with the help of an online file manager. This kind of service is not available in the case of Blogger.

Your Own Computer

A server is also a computer that hosts the files of your website for you. You might think why not create a server out of your own computer. Well, you can do that but the problem will be of the internet connection and consistent power supply. The place where these servers are located has a good infrastructure that ensures good internet connection and 24/7 power supply even in the extreme conditions.

When you sign up for a web hosting, you get some share of the server computer. You become the owner of that part. But when you sign up for a service like Blogger you are just at the mercy of the company.

Full Access

Every host gives users full access to the server and it becomes possible because of an online control panel. This control panel is loaded with all the necessary tools that you will need to manage your website. But in the case of a service like Blogger you only get a limited access to your blog.

CMS and Scripts

You also have full access to the design of your website in the case of a web host. You can design your website from scratch or install a CMS of your choice. Content Management systems prove to be very handy and powerful when it comes to dynamic websites.

Backups and Portability

Unlike Blogger, on a web host you can create backup of your whole website. And if in any case you lose files from the server, you can easily fix it by restoring the backup.

This backup also helps in moving your website from one host to another. Just take the backup of your website then upload this backup to the new host that you have signed up for. But when it comes to Blogger, you don’t have anywhere else to go nor you can create a full backup. This creates a kind of monopoly.


So if you want to create a new website for free, don’t ever go with a service like blogger. No matter how simple the procedure may look like, it will prove to be unprofitable in the long run.

A web host is not like some boss on your head; instead it is like a government of a democratic country that only creates environment for equal development of all.

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