What to look for while choosing a free website hosting?

In this interconnected world of internet, everyone wants his business to be online. It doesn’t matter if you have a small business, a web appearance can change the way people look at your business and none the less it is another source for customers. Let alone business owners, many bloggers and content writers now want their own website instead of the platform provided by Google i.e. Blogger. And if you also want your own website and you are looking for a free of cost solution then you certainly need to know a few things before you go with any free web hosting provider.

Hosting Space and Allowed Bandwidth:

Imagine you have setup your website on a free web hosting provider; it is running well and bringing you a lots of visits. And suddenly after a few days all your daily visitors vanish and you don’t have any clue of it. And in panic you open your website in your web browser but what you see is what you wouldn’t have imagined. Instead of your nice looking website your eyes catch a message from your free hosting provider that says “Monthly Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”.

Instead of blindly choosing any hosting provider you should do in depth check of all the specs of the package that the hosting provider is offering you. A slightest mistake can damage the reputation of your website. It is better to go with the hosting provider which gives you unlimited disk space and bandwidth usage.

Server Configuration:

Hosting space and bandwidth is not the only aspects to rely on while choosing a web host; server configuration is the most important one. There are basically two types of hosting servers in offer, one is Linux and the other is Windows. If you are planning to use a free script like WordPress on your website then you will have to go with the Linux one.

The next thing is to look at the server processing power, you might not get the best server configuration as you are choosing a free solution for your website but you should choose a decent one.


There might be chances that the free hosting provider you are choosing is giving you unlimited web disk space, unlimited bandwidth and the best server configuration but you might do a big mistake without looking at the ad aspect.

Many web hosting providers give the best server configuration but they put ads on the client’s websites and if your free web hosting provider is doing the same then it might not be good for you. Hosting providers earn money with these ads; it seems a good thing as your hosting provider is providing the service free to you. But beware that these server based ads can ruin the experience of your visitors. And if these ads in some way are related to malwares then you should better leave that host as soon as you can.

Control Panel and Other Abilities:

Without a control panel you will not be able to do anything useful. Control Panel provides extra ability to edit and manage your website and if that is missing then believe me managing your website will be a tough task for you.

It is the Control Panel only that provides you ability to create new databases and manage the old ones, manage security for your website, install scripts, manage your online backups and a much more.

Hidden Charges:

Many free web hosting providers, in the name of account activation, charge a good amount of money from the customers. This is just a trick to make a fool of customers and if the hosting provider you are choosing is asking for the same then you better leave him. There are many hosting providers that provide real free hosting.


It is not a hard task to find a good web host that provides hosting for free. All you have to do is be aware of all the facts that I have mentioned above. The best advisor for you is your own brain, just understand the above facts and use them in your own context. I hope that this article will prove to be helpful to you and thank you for reading.

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