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What exactly PBN (Personal Blog Network) Hosting is ?

If you are in blogging profession and have some serious intentions to do well, then you must be searching about different methods of how to rank your sites within a short of period. Well there are many ways to rank any site but you need to know the proper ways to make a site successful in SERP.

Today in this article itself we are going to discuss about a trending and working method named “PBN or Private Blog Network” using which you will be able to rank your keywords as well your site in a very short period of time and also going discuss about PBN Hosting. So, let’s start.


What is PBN (Private Blog Network):

A PBN is a set of blogs or sites which you create and own in order to rank your main site or keywords.  In simple words, in PBN you buy domains which may be new or expired (expired domains works better and faster) and install them or create them. Next, you do the basic setups and add some contents on those blogs same as you do in your main blogs. Remember all the sites should look genuine and authentic. If you can drive some traffic to these sites then they will work as a charm for your main keywords and sites which you want to rank in SERP.

Using PBN is very popular nowadays by the bloggers and you can do that too. But you should be careful while using PBN for your main sites because penalty of any PBN site can penalise all the sites related with the PBN. So, the PBN game is really dangerous but safe if you know how to play.

What is PBN Hosting?

As I said above using PBN is little risky and can harm your entire network if caught by Google so there some basic things which you should consider and hosting is one of them. As you know a PBN may consist of 2 or more blogs so hosting is an important factor for the setup of those sites. However, you can opt for free Blogger, WordPress etc platform but self hosted sites works far better than free platforms.

Dark Sides of PBN Ranking:

If you are ready for self hosted WordPress sites then here are some tips which I am going to tell you just to make your sites safe from penalty. Try to follow them while building and choosing hosting for your Private Blog Network.

  • While hosting your sites for PBN, try to use different hosting providers for different sites, for example if you are installing 10 sites then use 10 different hosting services.
  • Choose a cheap plan for hosting PBN sites; there are many hosting providers between $5 to $10 per month which you can choose. Remember these are just for PBN sites and they don’t have to handle millions of traffic, so you can choose any cheap basic plan from any hosting provider.

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