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Virtual Private Servers And Their Benefits

Virtual Private Server Benefits

If you have ever created a website then the chances are, you have already heard of VPS or Virtual Private Servers.

A website is stored on and served from a web server. A web server is just like a PC, the only difference being it is installed with some unique software and is dedicated to be used for hosting websites.

Web servers are of many kinds, the normal ones that every beginner signs up for is called shared servers or shared host. These servers are low powered and are not considered good for heavy websites. Basically multiple websites are hosted on a single shared web hosing server.

Dedicated web servers are good for heavy websites with high traffic but cost a lot of money, which can be pretty hard for people who are not running a big business.

VPS or Virtual Private Servers come into the scene when a webmaster wants a powerful host with his own space and does not have enough money to purchase a dedicated server.

Why Virtual Private Servers Are So Powerful?

The main reason why Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are considered good is that they give websites a dedicated and non-interfering space.

Virtual Private Servers are not hosted on dedicated PCs. Instead, a single physical server is assigned several VPS. Still, a VPS does not get affected by the traffic or processing of other websites hosted on the same physical server.

In layman terms, VPS is like a virtual PC running on a host computer. Each VPS on a physical server has its own reserved resources.

Virtual Private Servers Are Flexible

One big advantage Virtual Private Servers have over Dedicated servers is of flexibility. It is not possible for a webmaster to change the resources of his dedicated web host without transferring the website on a temporary disk. But in case of a VPS, you can just do that. Resources of Virtual Private Servers can be increased or decreases with a few clicks only. Moreover, you only have to pay for the resources you are currently using.

However, a beginner with no coding experience can feel difficulty while setting up a VPS. Generally, web hosting companies do not give free cPanel with Virtual Private Servers. Moreover, in case of VPS, you yourself have to take care of everything.

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