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You must have gone through a number of articles, writing the same thing about the rules of purchasing a new web host. But I am not doing the same, you have read these points, Check Quality of servers, check speed, Uptime guarantee, support, etc., so there is no point writing them again.

So, I decided to create something new, but still, like to help you out choose the best web host for your website or for your business.

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So, here we go.

Understand the Needs of your Website!!

Before going on to purchase a new web hosting, you should understand the needs of your website. And it is not about the present needs, your website may be getting only a few visitors/day in the present situation, but it might improve as long as you keep working on it.

And who knows, you might need bigger resources in the future (in a month or so).

So, it is not a wise decide to shop for website hosting depending on the present situation of your website. You need to understand the potential of your website and Your Skill Level.

And then, have a clear mindset about, what you require from your web Host, like easy upgrades when you need to upgrade the resources.

After having an idea, let’s move on to the next point.

A Good Web Host Selection is based on these Points:

  • Price
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Other Options

Now, I am not explaining any of these points as you already know, that you should check these, to know the quality of web hosting.

Although, I am going take these, to explain something else, which would rather help you making a wise decision.

 How you Check Quality of a Web host?

Well, Most of you, check the potential of web host, by reading the reviews and Case Studies Available Online. Along with Reviews, you check the ratings given by the users, but I have a question regarding this.

I know, most of you trust those reviews and Ratings, But,

Are those Hosting Reviews & Ratings really Genuine? Or Accurate Enough?

Yes!! According to you, they are, but actually, they are not!!

So, I have two points here.

  • There are Number of Reviews available online are Paid Reviews, which means, you are not going to get any Genuine advice, as they have to put the spotlight on the paid product and make it look good.
  • There are some Hosting reviews written by people, who never ever used that Hosting, so how can they give an advice to someone else? Right?

Although I still believe, there are a number of genuine and accurate reviews, but you have to figure out, which one is genuine and which one is fake.

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And the best way to find out is to check Pros and Cons given in the Review.

I good review is, which tells readers about the advantages and disadvantages of a web host and there is not a single web hosting, which does not have Cons.

So, read the reviews carefully.


Can You Trust Your Web Host?

After reading all those reviews, can you Trust your website?  Or you going by those ratings & reviews and purchasing Hosting.

If you do so, then you wrong, because you should have a Trust about the fact, that this is the best web host for your website.

So, it’s important for you to go through all the aspects, like Price, Upgrading Options, Speed, Support Quality, and Of Course, through genuine reviews, to have a clear Mindset, whether you need that web host or not.

If you do not trust, then take my words, you are going to change web hosting once in a short while.

So, consider this point carefully, if you are serious about your career Online.


Now, Which Web Host I like?

Well, frankly talking, I have used Godaddy Shared Hosting, iPage Shared Hosting, Hostgator Dedicated Hosting in the past and presently using, Hostgator VPS, Bluehost VPS and LiquidWeb VPS for different niche websites and I are pretty with their performance. they are good at something and bad at something, So, I can not recommend you one name, but all these are good one’s and you can research on your own to find out the best for you.

And if you are looking for a discount, then use these LiquidWeb Coupons or Hostgator Black Friday Coupon to get maximum OFF from your first Purchase from these companies.

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In the end, if you have any query, feel free to shoot it via comments.

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