Secret of $1500 per month Now Revealed

Today we are going to reveal the secret of $1500 per month by freelance website designers, we were pretty surprised by seeing continuously growth ratio of freelance website designers at of of the leading free website building platform. We receive couple of support tickets from them and decide to trace their activity on our server to avoid spamming and for other security reasons but we didn’t find anything wrong  with the websites hosted under their accounts.

After monitoring few accounts of freelance website designer at GoogieHost we decided to contact them and ask explanation about huge numbers of websites under 1 account because we were unable to terminate any of their websites as all websites are well designed and managing running smoothly.

We got same reply from an Indian and a Canadian user, after that reply we decided to study this strategy and expose the mystery of having more than 50 website under 1 user account. After couple of days we shocked because most of these freelance website designer making about $1500 per month.

I have seen that many of you trying hard to make some revenue from your blog and websites but unfortunately not everyone able to make dollars from blogging so we decided to reveal this strategy and give you another way to make thousands per month by doing small tasks. I have wrote 1000 words article in pdf format with complete case study and tutorials which can be downloaded from bellow link.
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This is the most trusted way to make money as its not that difficult as writing an unique 500-600 article everyday which takes approx 2-5 hours. But here you do not have to work such a long time to make $50-$100 per day, this method is on its early stage so there are lots of chances to grow your business with these idea. Blogging is the most viral thing on the internet now days, its pretty difficult to rank your blog in Google as many professionals are out there.

I’ll advice you to download case study and give a try at least after so that you can check its really work for you or not.

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Rajesh Chauhan

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  • I can not say some thing about the strategy until and unless I go through and try it by myself but it seems you are confident enough and validated enough data during strategy devising phase.

  • Hiii,

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome article about “Secret of $1500 per month”. I just downloaded the “Case Study File” and got several useful information from the guide. Loved the ideas.

    Great share. Keep it up!

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