Resolved : Fatal error Allowed memory size of x bytes exhausted

Fatal error Allowed memory size of x bytes exhausted - Resolved

Almost every Hosting company limit Php maximum amount of memory consumption. If you are getting error “Fatal error Allowed memory size of x bytes exhausted” or something related to this then that means you need to ask your hosting partner to increase memory limit or there is a option to do it by yourself in just five minutes. All you have to do is follow this simple step or refer video settings on this article.

  • Login to your cPanel: To make changes in order to resolve this issue you need to login into your hosting control panel, if you are using GoogieHost’s paid hosting then it can be accessed with yourdomain.com/cpanel this method works with all cPanel based hosting providers.


  • Go to FileManager: After you logged in to your cPanel you should check File Manager option and click on on it to access your website files


  • Access default-constants.php : Memory limit of WordPress based website or blog can be increased by editing default-constant.php file which is located in public_html/includes/ directory


  • Increase Limits: Here you can find the option to edit these settings by opening in edit code mode in your control panel or you may download it offline then edit with your Notepad or Notepad++


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