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Do you really understand Google ?

I have seen many people out there claiming that they are SEO experts and they know everything about google but the main concern is do they really understand what Google is?

Google isn’t only a search engine for me because it is a ocean of everything. If someone saying that he is SEO expert and he can list your business in top ten result bla bla bla bla, then he is greater than Aryabhatt because it means they can do anything with google right?

There are 200+ SEO factor for google which can be understand by a Mahapurush only lol, So if you find any Search Engine master then is not a Purush (Man), you have found a colossus.

We know only factors of google to improve our website and blog thats it, Do you still think someone is not Purush ?

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Rajesh Chauhan

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  • What Google does to answer so many requests from other people is he uses other people (content marketers or in other words; bloggers like you) to get advice from so he can point the person “in need” in the right direction of where the best possible answer lies.

  • I am truely agree that no one can understand Google
    As if anyone tries by spending half of his life then google will lunch new algorithm
    SEO is perticularly mean making your site easy to use, understandable for all, good repotation
    Not a magic stick of making site rank up n up

  • To be very frank, good content will get you Visitors, Link juice and eventually money. SEO can help upto certain extent but the blog really has to be good enough.

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