Website and cpanel is down

Bigesh Chandra asked 5 months ago

It’s been 3 days since my website is down, i can’t open my site. And today I was trying to open my cpanel to check my website scripts. I was unable to open my cpanel too, it said to contact your service provider. Please check the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

Anuj Sharma Staff replied 3 months ago

Its already fixed.

Abhi Sahu replied 3 months ago

Mysql server is down pls fix this

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Rajesh Chauhan Staff answered 5 months ago

You might haven’t received our email but we were performing server upgradation and its completed now. To receive our all emails you need to add support[at] in your contact list. We have been glad to inform you that our all servers are up and running smoothly and here are the changes we have done for better performance… 
Yes we upgraded our HDD storage from SATA to SSD drives to improve I/O speed, now you can feel the power of Solid State Drives in Free Hosting better than few premium hosting providers out there.
Apache to Nginx and Varnish:
As we received many complaints about server resources limit reached due to Apache restrictions on Dynamic serving, we decided to add Nginx and Varnish together which makes our server Blazing Fast, especially for WordPress.
New Support System:
Every year we do something new at GoogieHost and this year we implemented new support system to resolve your queries fast. You are reading this article that means you already checked our new support system 🙂

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fabian answered 4 months ago

tambien abri un googiehost y hasta le momento no tengo cpanel, va mas de un mes
hay un mensaje en nueb¿vows TLD dice; ¡El complemento está habilitado, pero hubo un problema con la cuenta del Portal de TLD! Por favor, póngase en contacto con el administrador y pídales que lo verifiquen

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