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Orkut will shutdown officially after 30 sept 2014

Google officially announced that they are going to shutdown Orkut, its was most popular social networking website across the world few years ago. Most of Orkut users didn’t logged in to their account since more than 1 years, everyone moved their profile to facebook  but still its very sad for those who has some very touchy moments with it.

Found first love on Orkut:

Yeah you heard it right I fallen in love with a girl on Orkut and we are still good friends, Me and my friend both gonna muss a lot Orkut. Just like me there are millions of people around the world with good memories about

Why Orkut Shutting Down?

Today Google officially announced that they are going to shutdown Orkut, according to google users moved to YouTube, Google Plus and blogger but we all know where they are actually. Check what google said about it –

When Orkut will Shutdown:

Well you can no0t access your orkut account after 30th September 2014, if you have any important over there you should take back up before the date. There is no impact on your account before the data so you can enjoy your last moments with one of the popular social networking website and be a part of history.

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