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Inter Sever Rerview

If I can say that InterServer acts like a lifesaver for me, then there will be no wrong in that. I have planned to start a website almost 5 months ago and tried hard to find a cheap, affordable and reliable hosting solution but then I came to realize that cheaper and reliable both are almost impossible. I feel quite dishearten, spend all the time wandering on the internet searching for a solution I want.

It was almost 3 months ago when I came to know about InterServer by chance. I just want to give them a try and soon get that they are the one I am looking for. Not only the hosting services but cheap VPS and dedicated hosting services are at the level of quality which any one can be dreamed of. Affordable cloud services, cheaper dedicated and shared VPS are the reason why I will recommend them to anyone only at InterServer.

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Another important thing which I experienced is their customer support. They are quick, fast and friendly. My website is running at the peak uptime I needed, I have only got a minor problem just once and they responded accordingly. With an uptime of nearly 100%, my website is running and up with lightning speed and thanks to their packages and deals, I didn’t find any other as flexible as them. A rough sketch of the services provided by them are the fast cloud hosting services, easy site migration, 1 click website maintenance and setup, user friendly control panel interface and the most important i-e Price. The Price is nothing in front of the features provided by them.

Let me explain the services provided by them one by one.


InterServer Dedicate and Shared Hosting:

The hosting services provided by them are reliable, cheaper and surely an alternate solution to much of the expensive hosting service providers out there. With an uptime of nearly 100%, they are providing what they said. The flexibility features and security needed for a VPS host are all given and provided in every package.

With an excellent system of servers, the dedicated and shared hosting services both are well. Although I don’t tried each and every feature, but I have the site up and running and from there I can surely judge the efficiency of all other services.


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Customer Support:

Another thing which I want to mention is their customer support. Nothing in 100% efficient in the world so similar is the case here. A few weeks back, I got some sort of problem and thus contact customer support for help. Instead of waiting time of 24 hours, like most of the customer services of hosting providers usually have, they replied me in under 1-2 hours. As most of the cheap hosting service providers don’t provide proper support and don’t care for the customer at all, but surprisingly they are quite friendly and responsive. Behavior and Customer respect is what matters the most in a business and I can happily say that they have to quality to win customer’s hearts.

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Plans and Packages:

With robust and outstanding packages, they are better for both i-e either you are setting up a website from scratch or need to move to a new and efficient hosting service provider. Their migration service is quick and without any hesitation you will have your website up and running on their servers in no time. Another stunning thing I want to mention is – the unlimited – almost all the services they are providing are limitless i-e  instant setup , unlimited disk space , unlimited transfer , unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains. At First when I came to know about the ‘UNLIMITED’ type thing, I didn’t believe at all, but after trying I have found that they know how to keep their words.

Moreover, for only $5 per month, you can enjoy and test all the benefits and features of the interserver hosting including a FREE domain for life.



At the end, I am not going to say that they are perfect and no one can match with them etc. etc. There are many other services in the market too. But I have shared here what’s my experience with them and why you should consider them as your choice for Web Hosting. The point is that if you are looking for reliable, cheap and a fast hosting solution for your website then they should be your next choice.

If I remember, only once I have gone into a problem i-e the website loading speed suddenly decreases one day but they soon fix it in almost 30-60 minutes. Till now I am using and enjoying their services since a year and there has never been a problem. Website loading speed is also awesome and super fast.

Considering all the factors in mind, the only words I have to say are that they are awesome, trustworthy, responsive and kind to their customers and I am going to be their regular and returning customer.


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