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How To Use WordPress To Create A Professional Website

How To Use Wordpress To Create A Professional Website

So, you have setup your free hosting account with your free domain name but now what? How to make your website work? A lot of people get confuse on what to do next and how to create a professional looking website without spending money. If you hire a professional web designer then he will charge a big amount of money. But today I am going to give you an introduction to WordPress and how you can use it to create your professional looking website without spending a single penny.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source platform for content management which is based on PHP and MySQL. Initially it was only meant for blogging but eventually it has evolved to support website of any kind. Any person with or without the knowledge of coding of any kind can create a professional website using WordPress.

How to Use WordPress and Give Your Website a Professional Design?

Installing WordPress very simple, one just needs a linux server and majority of free hosting providers use linux on their server, so you don’t have to worry about that. Hosting providers also provide many tools to install WordPress, Softaculous is one of them. And even if you don’t find any platform to install WordPress from the control panel of your hosting account, you can do it manually. Just go to and download the latest version of WordPress, it will be a zip file, upload it to your server (root directory of the website on which you want to install wordpress) using FTP or alternatively you can directly upload it via file manager in the control panel of your hosting account and after that you just have to extract it( just make sure that it is not in any folder you should get structure like- “”. Now create a database and user from the hosting panel and associate the user to the database. Now all is done you just need to open you website in your web browser and you will be welcomed with WordPress setup, just type in the details and follow the steps.

Once you have finished WordPress installation, the time is to find a professional looking template. WordPress templates are very easy to find and the platform has a marketplace of its own that can be accessed from the WordPress panel of your website. Alternatively you can also upload any template that you can find on the web. Web is full of professional looking free WordPress themes and that’s not it WordPress gives you the ability to customize WordPress templates to any extent.

Now that you have installed WordPress and also you have chosen on from the thousands of free WordPress themes, the time is to find suitable plugins that can make your life with WordPress very easy. WordPress plugins provide users extra power to manage their websites, generally it is said that a lot of plugins can increase pressure on the server and if you are using a free web hosting account then you should not use any. But if you use your brain wisely, you will be able do opposite of that. Several plugins like W3 Total Cache, Gzip Ninja Speed, Leverage Browser Caching For Ninjas can certainly reduce a lot of pressure from your server.

What to do after setup?

Once you are done with the setup you free to do whatever you want, you can customize your website the way you like. And in the end you would have to fill your website with the content for which you have created it. I think I would have been helpful today so, enjoy your Free Web Hosting and Free Domain Name with free platform of WordPress to create professional looking website without spending a single penny.

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