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How to make your blog post more stunning ?

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This is the most common question for most of bloggers, because a simple and attractive blog post may drive more traffic to your post. There are couple of things you need to keep in mind while writing article on any kind of niche, make it much eye catching as you can.

Its normal to seek WordPress Plugin for even a tiny task on your blog for most of newbies and those who don’t have much codding knowledge. Do you know most of hacked blog’s owners admit that they were using more than 5-10 Plugin on it. I highly recommend you to do make changes manually in most of cases, use plugin if you really need them on your wordpress blog.

Finding/Using Images in post:

After deciding your article topic do some research on available images at or any other free image providing platform to avoid unnecessary claims. Or even you can use free images on Wikipedia  and there are many other free images library sites like UnSplash, Flickr Images, etc…


Before inserting images in your article please make sure that you have edited and crop the images according to you blog, I rarely use large height images in middle of post but you may adjust according to your WordPress layouts.

Note: Please use alt tags in every images you upload and one more important thing is to remove link from your images, don’t make them clickable it will avoid unnecessary popups.

Custom CSS for Headings and Unique Fonts:

Currently am not using custom css for headings like (h1-h6) tags but we do change font according to our needs, most of time I prefer to use Google Fonts however you can install library of awesome fonts using WordPress plugin but if you looking for a single font on your blog then I would suggest you to kindly edit your css files or hire a guy from any freelancing website or Micro Jobs platforms like Fiverr etc.

font examples in blogs

As you can see in above image that I have used 5 different fonts and every font has its own look. You have to choose better font style according to your layouts and sometimes it depends on niche also.

Blog Layouts and Colors:

This is also a most important factor to make your blog more user friendly and drive more traffic to your site. You may trying hard to get readers from various methods like Social Media, SEO Methods, Link Back and many others but the fact is you will hardly get unique readers until your blog is not simple and easy to operate to them.

Don’t Over Optimize/Monetize your content:

Specially newbies trying to apply each and every on page SEO strategy in their content, they don’t really care about content quality and reader’s feedback. I would suggest you to do not try to make money and rake your single article because google will not give you priority only optimizing your article. You have to publish quality content and make sure your reader’s are not being affected with these factors.


  1. Too many internal linking within post
  2. Placing ad unite inside article
  3. Miss leading words
  4. External links (with _blank tag)


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