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How to drive Viral traffic to your blog or website?

How to drive Viral traffic to your blog or website?

How to drive Viral traffic to your blog or website?

Do you know how to drive crazy traffic top your blog ? Well most of you are looking for best alternative to build readers on your blog but unfortunately 90% of you give up with couple of tries. Even I didn’t knew anything about blogging and Search Engine Optimization but after a bit effort I understand peoples and convince them to  read my blog’s article.

There is not magic it, all you have to think as reader then make a promotion strategy with few tricks and see the results. I have tested this method on many projects and 90% of them got good numbers of traffic within a week.

Website/Blog Layout:

You may think that your blog is much user friendly according to you but you know there are lots of peoples don’t think like you. If you have new blog then keep researching your internal user activities and make changes to make your blog design more user friendly so that visitors can access your topics easily.

Social Integration / Interaction:

All of has facebook, Twitter, and Google plus profile and these are the best tools to drive huge numbers of traffic to your website and generate leads with very little effort. If you are not getting traffic from social networks specially from facebook then there is something wrong with your activities and the content you are sharing with your followers.

Always keep in mind that if you really want to get response on your status or posts from the friends in your circle then don’t forget to check your friend’s or follower’s activities and respond on the same to get noticed.

Other Method to get visitors to your blog?

  • Blog Commenting
  • Answer Sites
  • YouTube and other video sites
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web Directories

All these methods tested by me personally and I found that these methods really rocks for me. I’ll keep sharing few more tips to get traffic with tested methods.

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  • These are all the basic methods to drive traffic to the blog. Unique Content, Proper usage of keywords, Regular commenting on other blog, using social networks etc are great way to drive traffic.

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