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Hide Affiliate links in WordPress, PHP, or HTML Website

Hide Affiliate links

Have you ever though, why visitors not purchasing any product from your affiliate or referral links? Well these days everyone knows that if they use your affiliate link you will get paid for that, dunno know the reason but nobody wants to buy anything from affiliate links however your are providing same product at cheap rate.

Now days anyone can figure out your affiliate link by overlaying mouse on your hyper link, a info popup will appear with actual link for example you have added your referral link behind SIGNUP NOW   but when you more your cursor on signup text then you will be exposed.

Cloak Your Affiliate Links in WordPress:

Most of bloggers using affiliate marketing and facing this issue, If you are using latest version of WordPress then you can fix this issue by installing plugin for that. There are about 10 popular plugins available to prevent external links but I would like to recommend your to use free version of – WP External Links (nofollow new window seo) or External Links.

Hide Affiliate links in HTML Websites:

If you are doing blogging or any other kind of content updation and want to avoid tracking external links, you should follow these simple steps to configure your links correctly..

1. Create a HTML page for your affiliate redirection link, put bellow code in your HTML file

<title>Title of your affiliate product</title>

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=Your Affiliate link here”>

2. Save it with attractive name like “Discount Coupon.html” and upload on your hosting server.

3. Link your html file in your hyper link

Hide Affiliate links in PHP Websites:

Owned a PHP website ? use bellow php code to fix the issue

header( 'Location:' ) ;


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