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Global Health Emergency due to Ebola Virus

I can’t believe its really happening, I watched in movies about deadly virus attacks and about its disaster but after watching new about Ebola Virus West Africa everything horrible. 2 American doctors infected with Ebola virus, they returned to their home yesterday but American people are afraid about  allowing infected people to get back in United State. I am from India but even am lil bit concerned about it as this virus is traveling with patients and it can be infect other by fluid or many other ways of direct contact with your blood.

Is cure is available for Ebola virus?

The answer is No! there is no medicine available to treat peoples infected with ebolo virus, according to data 75% of death of patients which proofs that why people are going panic. I hope doctors will get some solution before high global alert or Global Health Emergency announced.

Be Prepare to fight

As people returning to our countries back from Nigeria and Guinea and they may infected with this thats why we should prepare to prevent yourself being infected with Ebola.

How to Prevent from Ebola Virus?

Ebola can not spread in air this virus spread with direct contact with infected animals or peoples, if you want to know how to prevent yourself here is few tips for you.

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Take daily bath with Dettol
  • Keep out yourself from known  outbreaks areas
  • Avoid eating bush meat
  • Follow infection-control procedures

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