Free SSL Reseller Account for Web Hosting Companies

Free SSL Reseller

If you are running a Web Hosting company or even if you are website designer then its better to provide SSL certificate to your clients at affordable price and get one more chance to increase your revenue. There are very limited numbers of SSL certificate reseller programs on the internet which offers top rated certificates at very low price. I have been asked from our free hosting users to provide certificates at low rates but when you check for Comodo Positive SSL at official website, you will see its cost $49/year but you know it cost us about $6/year and we sell at $25/year that means we are making $19 profit on each sale.

Why you should sell SSL ?

After Google announced that websites with https will get priority in search result in the comparison of traditional http websites, customers always prefer to have websites with green bar now days. Unfortunately small web hosting companies or website designers like don’t offer SSL certificate or they buy from GoDaddy and some other providers. But did you ever noticed that they charge you at normal rates about $50 per certificate, just think about it if you provide it at 50% less price including $19 your profit from it. Your customer Gonna thank you for giving discount and you will earn more…. Isn’t cool ?? 😀

Where you get SSL Reseller?

We are going to reveal the company name where’s from we sell SSL Certificates to our clients, its TheSSLStore which offer Reseller account without any initial deposit. Yes thats true you don’t have to deposit any penny in order to get your Reseller account activated like other providers do. We have sold thousands of certificates in 2015 to our clients with handsome profit, plus we got more discount from them.

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Why SSL Store ?

We got many reasons to choose this reseller account and going to explain some extra benefits of having them as your business partner

  • WHMCS Module: Being a hosting company its unprofessional to sell this product manually but thanks to TheSSLStore for building WHMCS Module  which allows us to list all companies certificates on our website and make them available within few clients for all.


  • cPanel AutoInstall: I have seen many users face issues while installing certificate on their website but here you get AutoInstall SSL  which allows your customers and you to install certificate without uploading any files to your server and it hardly takes 5-10 minutes to convert your website into https url 🙂


  • 24*7 Support: If you face any kind of issues installation, purchase even refund then their team is always to help you on live chat, our support frequently has to contact the team for some technical issues on daily basis and we got proper support to offer better service.


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