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First 10 .com registered domain name and Registrar

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Now days we register thousands of new domain name only in United States, and there are over thousands domain registrar on the internet. Few years back I was very curious to know which is the first registered domain name and for what kind of work then after a bit research for the same I got to know that in 1st January 1985 registered by NORDUnet but this was only for the identifier of the first root server.

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First Registered Domain Name:

Actually the domain name like we use (Domain Name System) was first registered on the internet on 15th of March 1985. This domain name completed 30 years this 16th of March 2015 which awesome but if you visit this website, you can not find anything special about it except claiming they are the first registered Domain Name.

First Domain Registrar on The Internet:

More than 10,000 people search about the first registered domain name but as you know they register by a registrar and most of us don’t know they don’t event want…. Well! let me tell you that the first domain registrar was “Network Solution” which is an established company now worth millions of dollars.

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First 10 .COM Domain Names

        Domain Name     Registration Date

  •        March 15, 1985
  •                  April 24, 1985
  •               May 24, 1985
  •                 July 11, 1985
  •                  September 30, 1985
  •        November 7, 1985
  •               January 9, 1986
  •                    January 17, 1986
  •                    March 3, 1986

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