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Facebook Autoplay Video Feature and Deactivating guide

Facebook Autoplay

Might be you here to find the way for deactivating Facebook Autoplay feature for your account, and some of you are here because you were finding the best way on how to use Facebook Auto Play feature for facebook marketing strategy.

What is Facebook Autoplay ?

As you may know that facebook adding new features and services day by day according to new trendz and to improve user experience. They  have recently added Video Autoplay option for every fb user, with this feature videos will start playing automatically in thumbnail size uploaded on facebook and even shared youtube vides.

Why its good for Facebook Marketers ?

If you are social media marketer or blog owner then this feature will help you to drive more traffic from facebook to your blog or website.

Image Credit goes to real respective owners

Image Credit goes to real respective owners

Few days back if you were uploaded any video on your facebook timeline then its pretty hard to ask users to play your video, it doesn’t matter how interesting your video was. But now you don’t have to ask anyone for playing your video, it will start playing automatically upto yyy seconds which is enough time to appeal users to watch your complete video.

Why its not good for normal users ?

Its not that bad but if you are living in countries like India then you know that how expensive bandwidth is… most of us always trying to save data wastage. Autoplay video option irritate users as they are loosing their internet data, even if they don’t want to watch video.

How to Deactivate Facebook Autoplay Video?

There is very simple steps to disable this feature from your facebook account, you may refer my video tutorial

  1. Open your facebook account
  2. Goto Settings of your account
  3. Select Video option from sidebar
  4. Disable or change facebook video options

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