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Dell Invested $300 Million in Indian Startups

Dell Invested 300 Million

About a couple of years ago, it was predicted that 2015 will mark era of rapid economic development in India. Well, what we can say as of now is that this prediction is really working. Dell Ventures, a $300-dollar arm of Dell is planning to invest a hefty amount in Indian startups.

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This move from the popular electronic manufacturer does not came as a big surprise. The age of internet has spawned a number of successful startups in the country. Nonetheless, this news comes when other big brands like Amazon and Alibaba are already spending billions of dollars to find an edge in the market. India is also considered as the last economic frontier to be conquered in the world by many economic gurus. Top brands around the world are fighting with each other to acquire the greatest share.

Not for all:

Moreover, Dell will formally announce its decision in the coming months. But this investment will not bring happiness to all the startups. Dell Ventures will be specifically focused around startups based on Internet and networking services. This is not all, the company will prefer those emerging brands that have already passed the first phase of their evolution, which it calls as 5-people operation stage. Now, after reading this, even a layman can understand that Dell is planning to make most money with least efforts. But the support provided by it will not be limited to just financial stuff. Instead, Dell is looking to form long term strategic partnerships, which will be beneficial for both receiving and releasing end.

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Future of Indian Startups

In the coming years, we will see more brands investing huge amount of money in India. But what is creating this investment competition? Well, the answer is market capacity. Indian population has already crossed 125 crore mark. Internet revolution is thought to bring most of Indian population closer to technology. For brands, this is a great opportunity to grow business and make great profits.

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