Best Thing in GoogieHost Free Web Hosting

Best Thing in GoogieHost Free Web Hosting

Finding a reliable free web hosting is very difficult task, which is why GoogieHost is here. We provide everything that you would want from a free web hosting service. From unlimited space and bandwidth to reliable servers, you would not be limited in any aspect. Here are all the best features that you get at GoogieHost:

Reliable servers

graficonet_server_uptime   The main concern for any webmaster looking for a web host is about the servers and when it   comes finding a free web host it becomes a difficult task. But at GoogieHost we provide a reliable infrastructure. We provide blazing fast servers with Intel Xeon E3 1230 processor and 12GB of RAM. It doesn’t matter how much your website gets traffic our servers are 100 per cent capable to manage it all very easily. This is not all, we all also promise you 99.95 per cent server up time. If you don’t believe it, you can download our android from the Play Store and check it yourself.

24/7 Customer Support

Facing any problem but not a premium customer? Well, not a problem if you are on GoogieHost. We provide endless support to all our customers regardless of free or premium plans. So, no need to worry if you mistakenly do something bad to your website, we are here for you, 24/7. One thing more that you would love about GoogieHost is that you can ask for support at the ease of your smartphone. Just download our android app as mentioned above also, and you are in the world of endless possibilities.

Limitless World

The most important part of any host is how much limits the usability of the servers. Some host only give 500MB of disk space, limited email accounts, limited MySQL databases, limited everything but at GoogieHost nothing is limited. You are free to upload files of any number of files of any size, create as much email accounts or MySQL databases as you want, and host as many website as you like or need. Can you find this kind of service on any other host? No, Right? This is why we are better that any other free hosting provider.

Everything is free in its true sense

free-hosting  You might think if we are giving so great service, we might put ads on your website or ask for activation fee. But don’t worry about anything or any of that, we don’t put ads on your customers’ website nor we ask for any kind of activation fee. Everything is free in its true sense.


Customized Control Panel

We understand that your need of a control panel to help you manage your website. Which is why we have developed a control panel for you and you can get it without any charge. Once you sign up, you will be given your control panel’s web address, user ID and password. You can use these things to login to your control panel and easily manage your website.


KrishPossibilities are endless at GoogieHost. We always run many offers that you can easily avail doing simple tasks. These offers can provide you premium domain names for free or a free VPS hosting account. There will be more offers coming in the future. Be sure to check our website for regular updates on offers.

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