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Best social plugin for WordPress – Mobile Optimized

Best social plugin for WordPress - Mobile Optimized

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People create website spending their time and money. When they have created their website they try to bring traffic to it and this proves to be the hardest part. Many webmasters primarily rely on search engines but performing well on search giants like Google takes quality work and time. When they don’t find any success with their SEO techniques they try their luck in social networking. Social networking websites can bring a lot of traffic to any website but the problemis that you first have to reach the people. Getting page likes on Facebook and followers on twitter isn’t a child’s play. Though you can get a good number of likes and followers by using tricks and spending money but these will not help you by any means.

About UpShare.Co

To make people on social networking read your content it is important that you reach right person with right content. And this is what came to the mind of Travis Steffen, founder of UpShare.Co. Based on this idea only he created a network where both webmasters and people from social network can meet and get benefited. This network was called and anyone can use it for free.

How People From Social Networks Can Get Benefitted:

How can a user coming from social networks benefit? Well, the answer is by sharing buttons. But now you will ask there are lots of other websites who do the same thing and the answer is that other websites have something missing which is relevance.

At UpShare.Co a user signs up and then shares the content to the relevant users. The people to whom one shares the content should read that content. And this is how you earn rewards.

Currently the whole network is in beta phase and users can only join it via an invite. But getting invite is not a hard task, one just has to connect his Facebook account and UpShare.Co will send verificationto his E-mail. Once that person verifies his account he is put in the list and when his turn comes he will be sent an invite.

How Webmasters Can Get Benefitted:

This place is a gold mine for the website owners. If you are a webmaster and want to reach thousands of people then you should use this platform.

Once you install this platform on your website the links of your website are added to the UpShare.Co’s network. And the people from social networking who have joined this network are given these links to share. This is how you reach thousands of people.

Installing this platform on your website is very simple. There is a dedicated plugin available for webmasters who use WordPress or Shopify. And for the people who don’t use either of these can install it simply by HTML.

If you have installed it, they you have to click on the “UP” icon that appears on your website. This tells UpShare.Co that you have installed their platform on your website. After this you will have to sign up on their website. The sign up procedure is same as was in the social network case.

One great thing about UpShare.Co is that you can be both the Webmaster and the Social Media user at the same time on the network.

So, if you want to reach more people and make your website more viral then be sure to join UpShare.Co’s network.
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