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How to increase adsense earnings?

Are you frustrate with low earning in your adsense account, well there are various reasons for low conversion rates however most important thing is that Ad Unit. Google Adsense offers many types of ad unite according to your log or website design or layout.

Have you ever think or analyzed that which ads clicked mostly or which ad size unit show rich ads? Well in this topic I’ll let youknow some basic tips to optimize your blog with your adsense to boost us your daily earnings.

Available Ad Size by Google Adsense:

As already stated that google offers your various kind of ad sizes to fulfill your requirements, we tested couple of ad sizes to test which one gets high clicks and better and rich content. After discussing with more than 3-4 pro bloggers whom earning more than $10K per month and found some really cool ideas to kick start your earnings.

large 336×280 rectangle:

Are you using 300X250 rectangle ad size for your sidebar or somewhere else ? but have you ever tested to replace 300X250 ad unit with ad size 336X280, am pretty sure you did’t but trust me within a week my earnings was hiked upto 20% because this size suitable for video and highly rich content.

728×90 Leader board:

You could say that it is a most popular ad size to every adsense publisher just because its fit with any layout and every blog or website has space to put at least 728X90 Banner.

Other Tips to increase Adsense revenue:

  • Keep experimenting on your ad size and location
  • Allpw to show Text and Rich Ads
  • Do not blog maximum criteria
  • Do not think about your earnings, try to focus on how to generate organic traffic.

I hope these tips will help you a bit and if you have any suggestion feel free to contatc us. And if you love this article do a favor and share it on your social profile to help other. J

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