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Axis Bank Ping Pay Social Networking Payments

Axis Bank Ping Pay Social Networking Payments

Ping Pay

Finally its arrived in India too, as we know that Social Payments started in United States few days back which allows you to send and receive payments using your FaceBook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS and e-mail account. Its amazing and fastest way of transaction, This service started in India with Axis bank and am lucky that we are Axis bank account holders.

What is Ping Pay ?

Axis bank started a new trend of making payments online using your favorite social networking website called Ping Pay however this service is associated with FastaCash. Axis had a unique tag line “Badhti ka naam zindagi”now they as another tag “PingPaykaro” seems attractive and unique one.

Can you use this service?

Basically this service is available for everyone but non-axis bank users has some restrictions on this feature that if you don’t have account in axis bank then you can not recharge or send some but you can easily receive payments and recharges from any axis bank customer.

However both users need to activate Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) to send or receive payments instantly from PingPay.

Can you use FastCash/PingPay at GoogieHost?

Yes now we do accept payments from PingPay however with this payment you have to wait 4 working hours to get your service activated at GoogieHost services.

Note: GoogieHost accepting PingPay payments for selected products only likeDomain Names, Hosting, VPS but we don’t accept payments for SSL Certificates, cPanel License, or many other products. We are adding a special landing page with guidance of paying with Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and e-mails as well.

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