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Adsense EFT Payment is not credited to my account?

We have found many topics about publishers are worried because their google adsense EFT payment is still not credited in their bank accounts. So I decided to share some information about Adsense electronic form of payment and take your tension down. First of all you need to relax and don’t think too much about it otherwise it will hard to pass a single day being waiting for your payment.

Usually adsense initiate our payout request before mid night 22 of every month, however you need to reach your threshold amount. And they send you an e-mail that your payment has been sent but have you ever noticed that when you clicked on your payment request there is clearly mentioned, “Your payment will credited to your bank account within next week” that means you need to wait at least 4-10 days before contacting your branch or posting new questions on Google’s forum.

Tips for Indian Adsense publisher: Use State bank of India to withdrawal your payment quickly and you will also get good conversion rates as well.


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