5 WordPress Plugins to Improve loading Speed of Your Blog

As you may have heard and read many times the speed of loading your blog is a fundamental aspect that influences the user navigation and positioning on search engines.No use make every effort and work to attract a lot of traffic to the blog if we lose because of the desperation of readers in navigating through the blog. Moreover, all our items we want to position your best and to achieve it is important that the loading time is minimized.

 5 WordPress Plugins to Improve loading speed

Once understood, the first thing to do is to know the speed of loading our blog, and this simply analyze it in any of the websites available, such as: http://gtmetrix.com or http: // tools .pingdom.com / fpt / .In this way we can and to know if the blog fast or slow charge, and can compare it with what speed we get after making the changes.

WordPress is a platform that adapts well to change thanks to the possibilities offered plugins. In this case, we can also get slow loading using a series of plugins analyzed below:

P3 Plugin Performance Profile

This is the first plugin installed if we want to improve the loading speed of the blog on WordPress. Despite knowing the speed of loading analyzed in any of the websites, it is important to know exactly what are the elements that weigh more and make the charging time is longer. Thanks to P3 Plugin Performance Profile , we can analyze the blog and give us a full report on the installed plugins, so if anyone is very heavy we can remove it or replace it with a lighter.

WP Super Cache

One of the key issues to improve speed is to incorporate a cache plugin. This is to convert fixed dynamic pages that do much more nimble navigation and prevent multiple requests to the server. To this the WP Super Cache perfectly fulfills this function and its configuration is very simple. Installing this plugin a remarkable reduction is achieved in the blog loading speed.

Another similar and is highly recommended plugin W3 Total Cache , which also performs this function very effectively.


Whenever we create websites and more visual and attractive to users blogs, and this requires incorporating many images.This poses a problem for the loading speed, since in many cases the images are very heavy, which hurts the blog loading speed. To avoid this problem without losing appeal, the plugin Smush.it will optimize the images reduced in size without losing quality, so the download will be faster.

There are other plugins that perform this task of optimizing images, but so far Smush.it seems to be the most effective.


At this point, we can achieve significantly reduce the loading speed of the blog, but you can still improve. Usually WordPress stores data records and reviews that are not really necessary, and represents a burden on the blog when loading. Since these data are not useful we can remove periodically. For this we have the plugin WP-Optimize , so we identified this type of unnecessary items and gives us the option to remove them. Performing this task every so often succeed eliminate this unnecessary weight and speed loading.

One alternative is also effective WP Clean Up , with a similar operation.


And last but not least, we can get data lighten style blog. Some CSS and JS files may turn out to be heavy and slow loading.To solve it we have the plugin WP-Minify , which is responsible for compressing these files so that no harmful to load blog.

Further Information

Plugins can help slow loading, but keep in mind that sometimes are guilty of doing heavier blog. Therefore it is not advisable to overdo the number of installed plugins, and only install the necessary.

In addition there are other factors that influence the loading speed of a blog among which are:

Use a template that is well optimized and not too heavy to carry. It is also recommended that fits browsing from mobile devices as this is another aspect that are increasingly aware search engine for positioning.

Another aspect that should be clear from the outset is hosting where host your blog, as not all offer the same conditions and in some cases may be harmful to load blog.

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