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5 Reasons to Cherish Your Sony Mobile

Cherish Your Sony Mobile

You might have heard that Sony is Apple’s future. Don’t take this more towards celebration because the context here is different. Experts say this because they think that Apple will fall like Sony in the years to come. You might be happy to hear though that the same people say that Sony was like Apple in the past. However, ultimately everyone says that all the efforts from Sony to rise are failing considerably. But wait, is that really true? Is Sony really making bad products now? Or it is just a poor marketing strategy? All the smartphones under the umbrella of Sony are proven to be of high quality yet fail to perform in the market. It can be said that the Japanese electronics giant is not tapping on the right nerve. There are many reasons for someone having a Sony Mobile to be happy and I will tell you about them today.

You can’t beat Sony in optics

You might not know but the phones from almost every other brand that everyone use and tease you with their camera quality use Sony sensors only. The list of these smartphones is very long but let me tell some of the popular ones- iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 and Moto X 2014, all feature Sony sensor to capture high quality and stunning stills. The reason is quiet obvious that Sony makes the best sensor of all. Recently, it launched its latest 21MP stacked CMOS sensor which is simply amazing at capturing color rich and crisp shots.

Take pride on the display

We all remember the launch of Sony Xperia Z that brought in the world a display with a pixel density of 441ppi. Many called this much resolution useless and battery eating but time proved the innovation behind it. Now every brand is trying to offer the highest resolution possible on their flagships.

Sony is trying only for you

It is not that Sony has lost all its hopes and is just dragging the dead body with it. The smartphone giant is working very hard and we see what it is doing every year with the launch of new flagships. However, there was some news reporting that Sony plans to quit the mobile phone business. But even if it has some truth, the chance of happening that is very low. We all know that experiments bring us something nice and it is just a matter of time when Sony brings something new to this world. Till then enjoy the quality of your Sony smartphone.

User experience

We all know how dull most of the Android skins made by smartphone manufacturers are. But on Sony smartphones you get a truly nice user experience. The UI uses the display to its maximum capability and gives the best output possible. Recently, Sony has started to update most of its high end smartphones with the Android lollipop which is quite a good thing.

Fanboys are the real treasure

Sony’s fanboys are loyal to it. No matter how the company performs in the market, it is the fanboys who keep Sony surviving. See your surroundings, you will find many people who are keen to buy the latest Sony releases. So, relax and be proud of being a Sony fanboy.

I hope that these 5 facts were interesting for you and now when you will look at your Sony smartphone there will be no limit to proudness.

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